Smitsen UP2 Ultra Portable Sewing Machine


The Smitsen UP2 is a handy versatile 1-thread chain stitch (type 101). With only 2,9 kilo of weight it is ideal in to use in the industry of Screening, textile, textile fabrication, protective nets, general bag closing and other simular applications where a light durable machine is needed to work in front or above one’s head. With It’s aluminium body it is small yet robust. The integrated thread cutter cuts the thread after sewing. In addition to the light geo materials it can close bags and materials such as paper, polypropeline, jute, hessian and more. It can hold standard 200 grams bag closer thread cone and small king size cones for geo textiles. Ideal robust and affordable alternative to the Metalplast sewing machines.

Click here to download the Smitsen UP2 Leaflet

Main Features:

  • Integrated thread cutter to cut the thread after sewing.
  • 2 additional upper feed rollers in the presserfoot fore more grip on the thinner materials
  • Attachement hole for connecting a hook, spring balancer or other equipment to hang the Smitsen UP2 safely from the back.
  • Easy access front cover via hinge to access moving parts.
  • Stitch type: Single thread stitch 101
  • Stitch Length: 6-7mm
  • Material Thickness: up to 3mm
  • Thread: 21 counts, 2×3 Polyester or simular thickness
  • Net Weight: 2.9 kg (without thread cone installed)
  • Power Supply: 220V~240V (No other voltages available currently)