Smitsen DS-11

smitsen_ds11_doboy_d95The Smitsen DS-11 is the upgrade alternative for the Doboy D95, Doboy D95E and D-95HD. The Smitsen DS-11 Sewing head fits in the space and has the same side bracket connection points the Doboy has. The compatibility is on module level. (the parts are not interchangable with Doboy. Some parts are exchangable with DS-7C) There are a number of features that Exceed in the usage and maintenance of the machine and the durability. One of the most important is the oil tank. It reduces wear and tear of  main parts. In addition the hard to reach Needle bar can be oiled by the hand pump.

Not 1 but 2 powered feed rollers and pneumatic air operated thread AND crepe tape cutter.


Supply of Doboy sewing machines parts is running Dry?

smitsen_ds11_threading_scheduleThe Smitsen DS-11 Spareparts are readily available for now and for the future. The Smitsen DS-11 is a new upgrade design from the DS-7C and Doboy D95. The slightly higher price compared to the DS-7c makes up by providing easy access to the inside of the machine. The mainbelt Timing Pulley (Bando) can now more easily be replaced. The main shaft does not have to be removed like is the case with the doboy sewing head and the Smitsen DS-7C.


timing_wheel_ds-11Easy access from the top to set the timing. Easier access to replacing main timing belt (main shaft does not have to be removed anymore to replace the timing belt)





ds-11_inside_lowresNot only beautiful from the outside, but also beautifull form the inside. A Gear driven system, Swing needle system (for smaller hole puncture), excellent oil system and easy access covers make this the best alternative and at the same time upgrade to the Doboy D95 sewing heads and or Ds-7 Sewing heads.

The Smitsen DS-11 benefits list:

  • Swing needle system
  • Oil tank
  • 2 power feed rollers (do not damage the bag as a feed dog does)
  • Oil pump to oil the needle bar
  • Pneumatic air operated
  • High speed upgrade  (2000 rpm max.)
  • Fast delivery times of machines and spare parts.

Optional available:

  • 24 volt Piezo electric Thread break detector (to be integrated into PLC)
  • Needle thread oiler
  • Variable pulley
  • Download information leaflet: SMDS11201502_LEAFLET_A4


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